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Artist Profile: Russell Gain - Abstract painter





I started off painting watercolour landscapes, but now the majority of my paintings are completely abstract, multi-layered, and concerned with colour, texture and surface.


My aim is to produce something beautiful which is not obviously related to anything in the real world. The layers in the painting which are mostly concealed can be as important to the final result as those which are most visible. My intention is not that the viewer should be drawn to any focal point, but that the eye should range over the surface, sometimes pausing to take in the detail of each area. While the finished work is abstract, the starting point is always a visual experience in the real world – a visual detail, a landscape, perhaps a building or some other work of art. I try to transform that visual experience into something new, something which has not appeared in the real world before. I work in acrylic on paper, canvas or wood.







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