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Membership of Visual Arts Forum


What is our background?

The objectives of the Visual Arts Forum is to contribute to a vibrant professional visual arts culture in Warwickshire and surrounding counties, increase local audiences and promote appreciation of visual arts and offer opportunities for young and emerging artists.


Who can join?

Membership is open to anyone working in any visual arts media in Warwickshire and surrounding counties and is limited to 55 members at any one time. Membership Applications are considered twice a year in Jan and May.


Before you join

Please email 3-5 photographs of your work, your web site link, a short artist statement, and an indication of any practical skills you could bring to the group to our Membership Secretary, Carey Moon We are a small group and entry may be restricted if we reach our maximum number of artists in a particular media


How much does it cost?

A year’s membership of VAF is £25 (Students £15)

Membership offers you:


• Opportunities to showcase, promote and sell your work at regular local exhibitions, festivals and open studio events

• A page and link on our web site

• The opportunity to network with other local artists working in a variety of media

• Regular contact via email and newsletters about local opportunities and news from other artists

• Use of our exhibition furniture, display boards, plinths and secure cabinets

(also available for members to book and use for their own events)


Your contribution

Assistance with the practical management and promotion of the group and are expected to share any particular skills you feel would benefit the group.

Attendance at informal planning meetings for the group (usually once a month communicated by email)

Where possible we ask members to demonstrate aspects of their work at exhibitions to increase understanding of the arts in the wider community.

A  percentage (minimum 20%) is deducted from all sales for contribution to VAF exhibition expenses and support for Escape Community Arts. This percentage will vary depending on the cost of venue and publicity for each event.


Membership of the Courtyard Gallery


THE COURTYARD GALLERY is a new venture which members of Visual Arts Forum group have established to sell local artist work.


The Courtyard Gallery represents the work of 25 local artists working in a wide range of visual arts media and styles. It is run on a cooperative basis with all the artists contributing to the promotion and day to day running of the gallery.


Membership of the Courtyard Gallery. The membership of the Gallery is limited to 25 exhibiting members. Selection for the Gallery is separate from membership of Visual Arts Forum. To be considered for membership of the Courtyard Gallery, contact Robin Wade:


The profile of exhibiting artists is limited to a maximum of fifteen artists exhibiting framed wall hanging work and ten artists working in a range of media including : ceramics, glass, wood, textiles, silver, plastics, stone, metal etc.


All members are expected to contribute to the running of the gallery and support the promotion of the gallery.

This involves:


    Stewarding one full day of two half days each month

    Contributing to the circulation of promotional material

    Providing  a promotional artist profile and up to date images for the web site.

    Contributing material for articles, facebook, twitter etc


New Artist’s work will be selected to exhibit in the gallery on the basis of adding to the quality, range of media and diversity of styles and that no offence or danger is extended to the public.


New artists will be appointed for a six month trial period before final approval


Courtyard Gallery Annual Membership  £100

Commission on Sales 40%


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