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Artist Profile: Deborah Collum - Mixed media and textiles





I explore colour and texture using a range of media.


My most recent work is about time and the marks it leaves behind: scraping away of layers of wallpaper in an old house and that tantalising glimpse of past, precious and private lives; looking into a secret drawer and wondering which of its contents is treasure, lovingly preserved, and which just ‘stuff’ nobody got round to throwing away.


The focus of my work is domestic rather than epic – concentrating on the minutiae that make up an individual life – lost buttons, dust, a broken toy - over the facts that define society. In this sense it is feminine, possibly feminist, in nature and I find fabric a particularly empathetic medium. All fabric has its own history and textile art intrinsically pays testament to the women throughout history who darned, knitted and stitched to keep their families warm and their homes comfortable.




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