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Artist Profile: Anya Simmons - Painter





Living in Africa for the first fourteen years of my life and then moving to the UK has had a profound impact on the diversity of my work and where many of my creative ideas have emerged.


My more recent works are profoundly influenced by beautiful landscapes across Britain (i.e. Scottish Highlands, Wales, Cornwall, Kent and the Midlands). Recently my work has also taken a more textural and 3 dimensional turn and am enjoying working with gesso, acrylic and acrylic inks.


Within my works I strive to give my audience the romance or memory of a scene/landscape which is recognised as real, but does not always have a physical location-almost like a landscape within a dream. I seek to tap into a positive nostalgic memory.


I am busy painting commissions and exhibiting in local spaces, galleries, shops and art fairs around the Warwickshire area, the Cotswolds (Broadway) and more recently in Brussels. Please feel free to contact me should you require any further information.


telephone: 01926 640812






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